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The Eat Clean Challenge!

Jumpstart weight loss, Increase Energy Levels and start to Reverse Aging in this 3-Day Live, Free Challenge!

You know how you keep saying that you'd like to start eating healthier and lose some weight?

Here's your chance to get started - with the support of a health coach and a community!

And just in time for summer 😎

And when you sign up now, I'll also send you my free On-the-Go Healthy Jumpstart guide - so you can start eating clean even ahead of the challenge if you want to get a head start!

Dates in Early August (TBA very soon)

August 1, 2023
12:00pm Eastern Time

Yes, there will be a replay if you can't make it live - sign up and the recording will emailed to you!

(But try to make it live so you can ask all your questions!)

"Amalia is like having that secret decoder ring for healthy living. I can't tell you how many audiobooks I've downloaded to learn about this food plan or that way of eating but haven't had the time or bandwidth to listen to. In this day and age when you often get the bare minimum from folks, she actually really cares."

- Laura M., New York City

You'll Learn:

  • What "Eating Clean" means and how it can be much easier than you thought!
  • My favorite tools to jumpstart weight loss
  • How to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way - and why it matters
  • How eating clean can actually help you slow aging and maintain youthfulness
  • How to eat healthy and prep easy meals to go, even when you're super busy and have an irregular schedule
  • How you can still enjoy treats and indulge your sweet tooth, even while losing weight and maintaining weight loss!

Taught by Amalia May Valle

Amalia is an Actress and Filmmaker, as well as a Certified Health Coach and 500-Hour Certified Yoga Instructor. She loves helping busy people achieve their ideal weight, increase energy levels and manage stress - especially performers and entertainment industry professionals with irregular schedules!

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